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Benefits of using The SureCoat Wall System-StrucSureCoat

  • StrucSureCoat is an Epoxy Balanced Elastomeric Monolithic Coating that is made to move, expand and contract, with the substrates of a building.
  • StrucSureCoat has energy saving properties documented by independent laboratory ASTM methods.
  • StrucSureCoat has a 93% Thermal emittance. Almost all of the heat that hits the StrucSureCoat is emitted back into the atmosphere; very little heat is held in the wall to transfers through into the home. This keeps the inside temperature much cooler in the summer.
  • StrucSureCoat has a 86%-91% sunlight reflectivity rating which prevents accelerated deterioration.
  • StrucSureCoat similar to the effects of a low E window. It works by having high reflectivity and thermal emittance.
  • StrucSureCoat uses high end special tints that are made for epoxy enhanced coatings. These are not found in other latex and acrylic based coatings and paints.
  • StrucSureCoat is UV stable, not just UV resistant. The compound that creates this property is not an additive: therefore it cannot be “baked out” by the sun.
  • StrucSureCoat comes in 25 standard colors and 3 textures. The Smooth will take on the texture of the existing finish; Sand Finish has fine silica sand integrated; and a standard perlite finish.
  • StrucSureCoat is a Single Component application-no primer is needed. This eliminates the opportunity for failures due to inaccurate combinations of materials.
  • StrucSureCoat has a built in primer that uses binding and bonding properties of Nano technology to adhere to virtually every properly prepared, clean, dry surface.

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